The Myth of Affiliate Marketing

The Myth of Affiliate Marketing thumbBefore, whenever I seen an example of affiliate marketing, I used to be as turned off as Rolf Harris watching a granny masturbate. I’d get emails from people recommending products and, after the sales pitch, there’d be a link, followed by a disclaimer saying “by the way, that link? Yea, if you click that, I get paid.”

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Twitter Ramps Up Its Engagement Efforts with ‘Events’ Pages

Twitter Ramps Up Its Engagement Efforts with 'Events' Pages thumbTwitter has taken its hashtags to the next level with specific ‘Events’ pages for trending action and events. This will surely encourage users to hang around on the platform for longer and aims to start bringing an end to the ‘hop in, hop out’, micro-engagement nature of the platform at present. But what do you think about this addition?

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How (not) To Sell a Book: Streamlining Your Path to Purchase

How (not) To Sell a Book: How Streamlined Is Your Path to Purchase?I came across an article the other day that was so good, I impulsively travelled down the path to purchase this guy’s book. The thing was, the purchasing process was so difficult that I literally couldn’t buy it! I tried. But couldn’t. So what went so badly wrong for me to be still sitting here now, bookless? And how can you avoid the same mistakes and make more sales online? Continue reading